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Who are we?

Translators, proofreaders and language teachers. Three different jobs.

Each career starts with the love of languages. However, they require different training and personality types.

This is why MET Translation Office and Language Teaching employs different professionals
for translation, proofreading and language teaching.


Translation & Proofreading


Why choose MET Translation Office if you need a translation or proofreading?

We guarantee that you will be provided with

  • accurate and professional translation or proofreading
  • at a favourable price and
  • exactly by the deadline.

You do not want to worry about your translation or proofreading? Order it from MET Translation Office !



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What languages do we translate and proofread?

At MET Kft., besides the most popular English and German , we also translate:

  • these official languages accepted by the European Union: Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Greek, Dutch, Croatian, Polish, Latvian, Maltese, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Slovak and Slovene
  • other languages : Arabic, Bulgarian, Flemish, Hebrew (Ivrit), Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Latin, Norwegian, Russian, Serbian, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

You can also order cross-translations, for example, English-Romanian, Romanian-English, English-Spanish, Spanish-English, and so on.


How can you order a translation or proofreading in just two steps?

  1. You will send us the text with the (target) language you would like us to translate to and the deadline by clicking here: Request for Quote
  2.  We will measure the length and difficulty of the text and send you the exact price maximum within 1 hour.

You will get a quotation free of charge without any obligation to order the translation from us.
After sending you the quotation, you will not be disturbed either by phone or by email.

If you choose us, you will not need to pay in advance. You will receive our invoice together with the translation in an email,
and you can pay it by bank transfer or to the bank teller (cashier).


What kind of texts do we translate and proofread professionally?

  • corporate law:  contracts, lawyer's letters, company documents to and from the Court of Registration, Certificate of Incorporation, articles of incorporation, regulations, decrees, declarations, statements, bylaws, proxies, testimonies, court orders, appeals;
  • economy:  professional articles, studies,  Ph.D. extracts, presentations;
  • finance and accounting:  reports, statements, analyses, tax returns, audit instructions and reports,
  • marketing and PR:  plans, reports, presentations, offers, DM letters and other promotional materials, websites, Facebook, LinkedIn pages;
  • industrial and technical:  user's manuals, technical descriptions, brochures, leaflets, safety data sheets, expert opinions, technical tests;
  • architecture, construction,  HVAC:  competitions, plans,  documentation , budgets, certificates, websites, Facebook pages, description of HVAC devices and systems;
  • IT: software translation and localization by professional software engineer translators;
  • agriculture and food industry:  company, activity and product descriptions, export-import documents, correspondence, instruction manuals for agricultural machinery;
  • hotel management, catering, and  gastronomy:  analyses, offers, articles, presentations, marketing materials, menus;
  • business:  company and product descriptions, business plans, presentations, articles, quotations, reports, logistics; export-import documentation;
  • business correspondence:  official, legal, marketing, DM letters, requests for quotations, offers, invitations, complaints;
  • medical:  discharge summaries, records for in- and outpatients, test reports, referral notes, certificates, letters, documents related to insurance;
  • medical sciences:  articles, dissertations, Ph.D. extracts, materials of conferences and researches, tenders, presentations;
  • pharmaceutical:  research and medicine descriptions, instructions of medicines;
  • healthcare:  instructions of medical aids, information leaflets of dietary supplements, vitamins, cosmetics, creams, user manuals of sporting articles and equipment, descriptions of prevention methods, sports and diets;
  • sciences and arts:  studies, professional articles, presentations, online publications, conference materials;
  • traditional and online articles:  translating, proofreading (checking) and editing in all of our specialist areas;
  • websites, blogs:  translation or proofreading of webpages and blogs for Hungarian and foreign companies, private persons;
  • theses, doctoral dissertations (Ph.D./DLA):  checking, correcting and editing complete theses and abstracts. We are especially good at the proofing of different theses including Ph.D. and DLA as well. Students whose theses were improved by us got mark 4 or 5 when they defended their theses in front of the board. You can also ask us to prepare you for defending your thesis.
  • civil law:  private documents, legal letters, documents related to court proceedings, testimonies, proxies;
  • official letters:  applications and requests, notifications, complaints, appeals, providing and requesting information;
  • personal documents:  CVs, motivation letters, certificates (school, birth, marriage, death), diplomas;


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Would you like to know the exact price of the translation or proofreading in advance?

Prices (1 character = 1 letter, based on the translatable (source) text without spaces):

  • translation from a foreign language to Hungarian: from HUF 2.00 /character (1500-character page: HUF 3000)
  • translation from Hungarian to a foreign language: from HUF 2.40 /character (1500-character page: HUF 3600)
  • proofreading in Hungarian: from HUF 1.00 / character (1500-character page: HUF 1500)
  • proofreading in a foreign language: from HUF 1.20 / character (1500-character page: HUF 1800)

Our translation fee is exempted from VAT so VAT will not be added to the price.

Your text may contain less than 1500 characters per page and we will give you a discount on the parts that are repeated in your text so it is worth requesting a quote for your translation.

 Please ask for a quotation by clicking here:  Request for Quote


What advantages shall we guarantee if you choose our translation or proofreading?

  • We translate and proofread accurately.
  • Our translators and proofreaders are well-qualified professionals.
  • We will proofread (check and correct) your thesis or Ph.D./DLA dissertation in excellent quality.
  • Quality control is included in the translation fee.
  • We always meet the deadline.
  • We offer favourable prices.
  • We will provide you with an invoice exclusive of VAT.
  • Your text and personal information will be treated confidentially.
  • In case of an official translation, you will receive the clause free of charge.
  • If the translation is used abroad, we will provide you with a clause in the foreign language.


10 more special offers we can guarantee:

  1. If you order the translation from us, you will save the cost of proofreading (correction). 
  2. Our qualified, experienced and conscientious colleagues prepare high-quality translations.
  3. Besides, each translation is checked by a responsible project manager who compares the translation with the original text.
  4. Then, the translation is read once more to check its style and smoothness, and finally, a spell check is performed. our translation. You can feel free to publish it abroad, even for native speakers.
  5. We can provide the proofreading of texts translated by you or another translator office at the half price of our translations.
  6. You can ask for an urgent translation (within three days) with no extra charge.
  7. Our translations are accepted by the Company registration Court: in compliance with the 24/1986 (VI. 26.) MT Decree of the Council of Ministers on Translation and Interpretation, we are entitled to the certified translation of extracts from the company register, as well as enterprise-related data and documentation to be entered in the commercial register.
  8. Official translations with a translator’s clause that is now free of charge:
  • duly endorsed, official translations can also be ordered with a clause in the foreign language if you would like to use it abroad.
  • The translated texts are provided with a translator’s clause declaring that the translated text fully corresponds with its source text.
  • Translation Office, and it is sealed with the company’s stamp.
  • We print both the original and the translated texts, as well as the translator's clause.
  • Then, we sign and stamp the clause; put the translation, the original text and the clause together with a string, and scan (copy) it back to the computer.
  • You will receive the translation, the text and the clause in one PDF file.

9; Upon request, we send the translation by post as well. Its cost is HUF 500-750 depending on the weight of the letter. 10; In urgent cases, we use DHL Express.


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More details about our pricing:

      • Our prices are based on the number of characters (letters) in the original (source) text sent by you.
      • Spaces are not included in the calculation, which can result in as much as 20% cost saving.
      • We will count the number of characters in your text free of charge.
      • In case of a Word text, you can do it for yourself by the Word count function using Characters (no spaces)
      • In the case of non-editable file formats (PDF, JPG) or paper-based texts; we will calculate the length of the text after converting the file before sending you our quotation free of charge.
      • In our experience, one page usually contains about 1,500 characters.

Our translation fee also depends on the difficulty of the text, the language and the availability of translators in the given language. With a special programme, we will measure the repetitions in your text and offer a discount on these. The number of characters on your page may as well be less than 1,500. So it is better to ask for a specific, customized quotation by filling in the Request for Quote Form below!

You can call us: +36 30 546 0396(24 hours per day including weekends)

The uploaded texts arrive at our domain email account secured by an SSL authorization. Compliant to the GDPR regulations, all personal information, texts, and translations will be treated strictly confidentially. Texts that are not translated by us will be irreversibly deleted.
We can offer all of our services exempted from VAT as our company is not registered under VAT. Naturally, we will provide you with an invoice through the official, sequential system of számlá Our invoices are considered paper-based and are payable by bank transfer.