Preparing for Foreign Markets

Who is it for?

  • MET Kft. offers this service to those who would like to expand their business into foreign markets or work abroad in their original profession.
  • If you do not want a lower-level job with much lower wage/salary due to your poor English or the lack of confidence while using it, learn English with us!
  • With our help, you can present a highly developed profile about your company and/or yourself that will help you to be selected from the applicants who have similar products, services or abilities to yours.
  • At MET Kft., we offer to translate your company documents, product descriptions or school certificates and diplomas.
  • We will also help you write and translate your CV, job application and letter of motivation (US) / personal statement (UK) to perfectly suit the requirements in the foreign country.
  • We translate any other official documents (e.g.: Articles of Association, financial and bank statements, proxies, contracts, certificates of good conduct, birth certificate) in official, paper-based format as well.

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  • Naturally, those are in the most difficult situation, who cannot speak English or only on the basic level, however, they are still forced to work abroad because their wife/husband got a job there or due to financial difficulties.
  • For them, before traveling abroad, we will prepare a so-called survival kit from the words and expressions they will need to expand their business or work abroad, to submit their official documents and to organize their everyday life.
  • Based on the feedback from our previous clients who already work abroad, at MET Kft., they were able to prepare for their business meetings or job interviews quickly and efficiently, in a goal-oriented way.
  • This was greatly helped by our collection of business phrases, interview questions, competency tests and case studies from HR professionals and from the previous interviews of our clients.

Have you received a job offer from abroad, but your English is too poor or you are not confident enough to accept it?

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What Will Be the Main Steps of Your Preparation?

1; We will collect, together with you, those technical terms that are necessary for the foreign market or job you have chosen, as well as the expressions you will probably need to arrange your official and private affairs.

2; We will read, translate and write out the words for the expansion of your business or for working abroad from the professional articles, which can just as well be chosen by you.

3; At an express speed, we will help you fill in those gaps in your grammar you will need to speak or write quickly and easily.

4; As understanding what other people ask you is a basic condition of communicating in English, we will practice listening and understanding with audiovisual materials recorded by native speakers of English.

5; In our view, when you are abroad, it will also be important to be understood well by your business partners, client or your bosses and colleagues so we will practice pronunciation and correct those 'fossilized' (set deep in your mind for a long time) mistakes, which can irritate native speakers or those who can speak English on a high level.

6; If you are already abroad and have to face a difficult situation (e.g.: arranging an official affair, making a complaint, chairing or speaking at a meeting, giving a presentation, understanding a partner who speaks a strange dialect of English, making or answering business/official phone calls, etc.), we will prepare you for the given situation, which we will also ‘rehearse’ (try) with you more times to make you confident enough.

You can phone us at any time of the day - at weekends as well - and we will be pleased to help you.

Our contact numbers: +36 1 221 2866 or +36 30 546 0396

If you already have a business or a job abroad and would like to develop your English from there, we can offer you Our Online Teaching

Naturally, we will provide you with an invoice through the official, sequential system of számlá

Our invoices are considered paper-based and are payable in cash or by bank transfer according to the needs of our clients.

Our prices are contained by the following table:

The prices include our help with the preparation of your CV and letter of motivation in English.

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