On Translation Confidentiality

How Do We Guarantee the Security of Your Data, Text, and Translation?

At MET Kft., we ensure the non-disclosure of all uploaded personal or corporate data, as well as the texts to be translated or proofread.  This commitment rests on three pillars:

1; technical conditions

2; legal safeguards

3; human factors

On the Technical Conditions of Guaranteed Confidentiality

  • The data you enter in the contact and request for quote form on our website, as well as the uploaded texts are transferred directly to our domain e-mail account, which has an SSL certificate.
  • Therefore, your data or text may not, even accidentally be published on our website, on the Internet or disclosed to unauthorized persons.
  • Our Website and domain e-mail account are operated via the most modern server of Webdigital.
  • The connection between the Website and the server is encrypted; therefore the theft of uploaded data or text by unauthorized persons is impossible.
  • You may check it yourself: as proof of the SSL certificate, when you open our Website at https://www.forditjuk.hu/hu/, there is a black padlock icon in the browser bar. With a click of the mouse, a drop-down box displays a text stating that the connection is secure.

What Is an SSL Certificate?

  • It’s an encryption protocol that encrypts the data connection between the website and the visitor.

  • Our SSL certificate guarantees that neither the information you enter nor the uploaded texts or individual user names or passwords of our accounts can be spied on. We must enter these latter ones every time we log in to the e-mail account.

  • Only the project managers working at our office have access to our user names and passwords, and these are not disclosed to either our translators or our customers.

  • Every computer used - including laptops - is protected by a firewall and antivirus program. In addition, Webdigital provides SPAM filtering on the cPanel server itself.

Legal Safeguards of Our Confidentiality

At the corporate level, MET Kft. has a formal, written agreement with ICON MEDIA Kft. operating Webdigital.

In addition, each of our translators signs a separate Confidentiality Agreement

Human Factors Guaranteeing Confidentiality

  • The educational background of our professional translators covers legal studies as well. Accordingly, they are fully aware that translation is a responsible business. Therefore, the content of the texts supplied to us by our clients is of particular importance to them, too.
  • When translating private letters, medical records and other medical documents, civil litigation and other legal documents, certificates, school certificates, contracts, corporate accounts, agreements, court of registration documents, product specifications, technical tests, etc.
  • It is equally important to prevent that their content - with particular regard to the contained personal and corporate data - is disclosed to unauthorized third persons.
  • In the case of certain texts, such as marketing materials (websites, Facebook and blog posts), technical materials (in particular patents), tender applications, or articles, the texts would lose their value if any content was leaked during translation.
  • Such an event would cause considerable material, moral, and prestige loss for our customers, or would damage their business reputation - therefore, our translators take their confidentiality obligation very seriously and adhere to it to the maximum.

At MET Translation Office, we have created and constantly monitor the technical, legal and personal conditions of the confidentiality obligations relevant to our customers' texts and data.

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