How to Request a Translation Quote?

Steps of requesting a translation or proofreading quote

The easiest way to request a quote for translation is by filling in and submitting a Request for Quote

  • Please enter your name and email address, and we will contact you within 1 hour. (Your personal data are kept strictly confidential)

  • Entering the company name and phone number is optional.

  • Since the Request for Quote form only offers English-Hungarian/Hungarian-English language pairs to choose from, in the 'Description' box, please, specify the language you need the text to be translated to.

  • Then, click on the hand icon for the simple upload of the text you want to be translated.

The texts uploaded via the website for the translation quotes are not displayed on the website; they are forwarded to our password-protected email account.

Each text, as well as your personal information, is kept strictly confidential.

Any texts received for quotation and not resulting in a translation will be deleted.

We are also available by phone and via email 0-24 hours, at the weekends as well.

Phone: +36 30 546 0396

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What will happen after you have sent your request for a quote?

  • Within a few minutes you will be notified via e-mail - and upon request in SMS as well - that your request for quote was received, and we will agree on a due date for completing the translation. We always keep the deadline!

  • Then you will receive our price quote and we will wait for your response. We are not required to register for VAT, meaning that our price quote does not include VAT, and no VAT is added to the quoted price of the translation.

We do not require any advance payment from our customers!

If you accept the price quote and order the translation, you will be asked to send us your billing name and address.

  • If you do not accept the quote, the text is immediately and permanently deleted together with your personal data.

  • After reading the text to be translated, we contact the translators who are most qualified for the translation of the text in question.

  • Then, we select the translator who is able to deliver the professional translation of the text within the specified period.

  • After this, our translator starts preparing the translation.

  • Before the deadline, the translator delivers the completed translation to our office, which is followed by quality control.

  • The translated text is reviewed very carefully, it is compared to the original word by word, and then it is read through again to ensure the appropriate smoothness of the text. A spell check is run, and the file is opened and closed several times to ensure that you will have no such difficulties.

  • We issue the invoice to the name and address you provided, within the closed, numbered system of The invoice is valid without signature or stamp; it is issued with a due date of 31 days.

  • Before the expiry of the deadline, we will send you the completed translation and the invoice by email. Upon request, we will also send the translation and the invoice on paper, by post.

  • Confirmation of your receipt of the translation is absolutely necessary because this is the only way we can make sure that you have received the translation.

  • The translator sends us his/her invoice, and we will make payment upon receipt thereof.

  • By the expiry of the due date of the invoice we issued (usually 31 days, however, in case of regular customers or bulk orders, it may vary upon request of our customers), you will transfer us the translation fee.

Please order your translation or proofreading now by clicking on Request for quote

In case you have further questions, please contact us at one of the options above or by filling in the Contact Form below.

Your personal data are kept confidential; any unnecessary data - or data no longer required after the translation is completed – will be deleted.

You can call us by phone at any time of the day, at weekends too: +36 30 546 0396

For more information, please write an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (we respond at weekends too)

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