Our English Translators Are Special

Why Are Our English Translators Special?

  • The English translators who work for us have a special place in our hearts as we had started our translation activity in this language more than 15 years ago.
  • A common feature of our English translators is that they gained such experiences already in their early childhood, which made them passionately committed to learning and using English.
  • Due to their talent and diligence, most of them already reached a high level of English by the end of their grammar school studies.
  • They spent more years living in an English speaking country, e.g.: in the United States or in Great Britain.

English Translators Could Get Their Qualifications in Two Different Ways:

  • Some of them chose English as their major subject at the university and studied English intensively on the highest level for 5 years to get their diplomas.
  • They had 15-20 lessons per week about the geography, history, economy, arts and daily habits of English speaking countries.
  • Then, they studied 2 more years to receive their diploma as an English translator.
  • During this time, besides learning general English, they were eager to absorb the special vocabulary and grammatical structures of their optionally chosen specialist area, for example, economy, law, technical or medical sciences, etc.
  • Others studied a profession at college or university, e.g. economist, lawyer, medical doctor, while they passed the high-level English language exam successfully.
  • By this time they realized being so much committed to English that they decided to get a high-level qualification as a professional English translator.
  • No matter how they became professional translators - ever since their university studies - they have been doing their best to grab the opportunity to practice English abroad in the form of scholarships, working abroad, going on longer trips as tourists, or visiting friends and relatives abroad.

The Most Important Aspects of Choosing our English Translators:

  • excellent knowledge of English,
  • thorough knowledge of the English of a profession, e.g.: economy, law, technical or medical sciences,
  • professionalism,
  • responsible attitude to translation,
  • precision.

We are proud of our carefully selected English translators of general and professional texts who we can safely recommend to our present and would-be clients as well.

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