Why Should Doctors Translate Medical Documents?

7 reasons why MET Translation Office employs doctors to translate medical documents:

1; The translation of medical documents, e.g.: discharge summaries, medical records, certificates of health status, carries great responsibility as these will be used by the next doctors during the further treatments of patients.

2; Consequently, translation errors in such texts may create serious health hazards.

3; The doctors who translate medical documents must understand not only the texts of such documents. They also have to know the medical background of them.

4; They must have sufficient background knowledge and medical experience to be able to recognize and interpret the technical terms and abbreviations that are used by the doctors.

5; Medical documents also contain a lot of terms in Latin, often in abbreviated forms, which also have to be translated correctly.

6; In addition, the precise translation of numbers that are listed, for example, in the discharges summaries and their measurement units also requires a high-level professional background.

7; Finally, medical documents contain a lot of confidential personal information. The preservation of such confidential personal data by the doctor translators is of particular interest to the patients.

The doctors who prepare our medical translations are able to meet all the above requirements and they have been committed to the languages they translate to/from for a long time.

Thus, if you need the translation of medical documents, e.g.: discharge summaries, medical records or any other certificates, you can contact us with confidence.

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MET Translation Office and its medical translators treat all texts and personal information strictly confidentially. Texts that are not translated by us will be deleted.

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